About us

Children's garden "Kalina Malina" gr . Pazardzhik; Bulgaria

“ Kalina Malina” is a public kindergarten situated in South Bulgaria. It is one of the biggest kindergartens in this area. We take care for 350 children which are raised and educated in 11 groups and 1 nursery group. The kids attending the kindergarten are aged from 2 – 7 years old. The team of kindergarten is from 1 – director, 1 – assistant director, 22 – teachers, 1 – music teacher, 5 – nurses, 15 – assistants, 4 – cooking employee, 4 – administrative staff and etc. All persons are motivated to give the best care and attitude to children and raised girls and boys which are good prepared for school and life. Typical for our kindergarten is the training in ecological education, preservation of Bulgarian traditions for future, developing of the kid’s creativity through art and a lot of physical activity that gives opportunity for cheerful life. The kindergarten has a rich material base including:

- modern playrooms for children

- gym

- art office

- party center

- folk room

- a huge yard with green areas and eco houses for children

- outdoor fitness

- soccer field , etc.

The kindergarten offers additional pedagogical services in English, Folk dances, Modern dances and Football.