Projects by children in Norway




September 2019 -February 2020

  1. Take pictures of the materials, objects and tings in our school.

- Here are some photos of materials, objects and things in our school outside.



2. Memory game – Match the pictures representing various materials ( glass jar, plastic bottle)
We used everyday things instead of glass jar and aluminum can.

Here we used
1. Diaper – Non recyclable waste
2. Yogurt- plastic waste
3. Crispbread – Organic waste
we took a towel over, took away one thing and lifted up the towel, what it is missing?
The children learn to focus, names of the materials and also remembered what was missing.




3. Distinguish natural materials from artificial

- We printed out som photos of different materials we found in the kindergarden.
1. Smoothie. 2. Plastic briks. 3.woodbriks. 4.Pine cones

First we sowed them the right place, name and what its made of. Then we asked the children, where does it belong? whitch one can we find in the woods? What material is tit?

They learned to place the objects in the right photo, also there name ( Pine cone) and where we can find them.



4. Visit to the woods - What belongs in the woods and what does not?

- We found different things on our trip and asked the children to put things they thought did not belong in the nature in the bag.



 5. Sowing of garbage- we bury various types of materials in the ground and look at the organic materials of our garden.

- We used, paper, plastic, diaper, milk carton, bread slice, fish and strawberry inside a glass jar.
We wil in 6 months see what is left.




6. Use natural colours to decorate, also glass and other materials.

- We used what we had in the refrigerator, we found a beetroot, spinach, blueberry and onion.
We made paint by chrushing the ithems whit a spoon. Then we used the painting brush to paint.
We learn that we could make paint of organic materials that we allready have at home.




7. Creation of an herbarium

- The 5 years old gathered leaves, flowers and berries, we dried them in newspaper and books and made a cute Pentecost.
We learn that we could use what we found the nature and make a beautiful picture.



8. Expert visit – the garbage man

- We called a expert and asked if he could show u show he took the garbage and tell us where it goes after ge picked it up, 80% of the garbage is transported to sweden, because some gasses in Norway is not allowed to release but in sweden they can.



9. Children and their families will daily bring kitchen waste and organic material to fill the compost.
- The kindergarten is on a farm and we could not bring our waste to fill the compost because there is a chance that pests and rats will appear

10. Activities whit the rose of jericho
- We could not get a hold of this plant but we used flower tea insted.

It is a ball and dry when we pour water over it becomes a flower.



11. water games- what happens if you keep pouring water?

- We took an everyday task, example at lunch fill a glass whit water. What happens if the glass gets full?

We learned that the water would eventually end up on the floor and we had to clean it up, if we didn’t want to get our socks wet. After the children practiced filling the glass whit water.



 12. Plants- what happens if we use too much water and too little?

- We planted some seeds, got them to grow green. Then we gave one to much water and the other one to little. The results after 2 weeks. One dried out and the other one rotten.




13. Sports competition – whit waste
- we found used bottles in the kindergarden, filled them whit some water, so the children got some resistance and used a ball to bowl

We had a lot of fun and after we reused the bottles again and made sensory bottels where we took sand, small stones, glitter in different colors and soap.