Our Kindergarten


Kezban Mercan Anaokulu is a public kindergarten which is located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. Ankara is a cosmopolitan city with impressive public buildings, wide avenues, parks, an opera house and an international airport. It is the historical and cultural cradle of civilization. Though our school is in the center of the city, it is surrounded by trees, plants and wilds which give our children best places to play, learn and have fun. Our school is a single-storey building and it has a large schoolyard-about 5000 square meters. There is a mini zoo, layout for traffic education, mini garden and playground.

We welcome 105 children between the ages of 4 and 5. They are divided into 6 groups depending on their ages. In each class there are different learning corners which promote independence and Love of learning. In our kindergarten we support involving all children playing and working on various tasks in the same classroom, under the supervision of 2 teachers. We aim to follow child-centered approach to teaching children by promoting Montessori tradition of letting children to be independent and investigator. Among our corners are Science, Art, Books, Maths, House and Dressing Corner. In addition to Montessori, we implement variety of activities with other approaches as well such as Reggio Emilia and Waldorf.

Our kindergarten is very dynamic and enthusiastic about projects and events, particularly those which focus on Environment, Ecology and Sustainability. Thanks to our 'Healthy School Food Strategy', we have been accredited as a 'Healthy School' for our home-made lunch and home-made snacks. As an Eco school, we conduct ecological activities regularly. 'Garbage and Recycling', 'Biodiversity Awareness', 'Sustainable City Life', 'Our Renewable Energy Sources' are some of our long-term projects being implemented for a few years. 'Acorn and Oak Tree became a symbol for our kindergarten. For 5 years our children have been planting acorns in barren areas to contribute to deforestation '



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